Getting Out There vol.1

Sometimes it’s just not there. We all have things we love to do. But much like week old groceries, things can always end up going stale. No matter how well you sealed them or how much you enjoy them. There are so many outside factors to determine if things have gone stale or not, and there are plenty of times you might be way over in moderation or it’s older than you think but it still tastes fresh like produce right from the garden. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to get the gears turning and really reignite the fire. This won’t turn your groceries fresh again, but sure can freshen up your passions. You can look for inspiration in person, or look to the all powerful internet to supply you with the inspo. Whether it’s an article, a social profile, or the dark void of millions of videos on youtube, it’s easy to find inspiration on the screen of your computer or phone. 

Letty Mortesen is a relatively unknown surfer from Australia, who rides for the classic R-dot brand. A shop grom that put his head down and grinded between shifts to perfect his craft. Surf shops all across the world can really hold world class talent within its walls, and sometimes you might not even know how hard the guy selling you wax rips. The surf industry was started by surfers, and this age old tradition carries on to this day. Anyway, long story short: this clip is a great way to get excited to go jump around in the ocean. Letty surfs a grab bag of conditions, and seeing him flare up on blown-out wind chop surely will get you excited to surf sub-par conditions. A clip that encompasses all styles of waves caters to everyone. From epic to “ehh, maybe we go get another coffee.” Take 3 minutes out of you day to watch this and you’ll be frothing for a dawnie or arvo surf. Mission accomplished.

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