An Ode to Music

Music really is something special.

It’s something that can’t really be explained in writing or even words. The feeling music can give someone is otherworldly. Music has been around for a while. And music changes all the time. It is crazy to think of a 10-20 year span of music and all the different styles that accompany. And the age of music is as old as the age of humanity itself, so you can imagine how big the spectrum is. Music can be appropriate and inappropriate, in all the right ways. Music can be enjoyed by all people. For the most part. Be skeptical of someone who doesn’t like ANY type of music.

Music can be interpreted and enjoyed in polar opposite ways. From just enjoying certain songs that might be popular or just the ones you know, all the way to composing it and really taking in every possible aspect. Music can just be so enjoyable for some while to some listening might be painful. Music ignites memories, our highlight reel of all things good or bad. There are songs associated with the lowest of the lows. There are songs associated with the highest of highs. And all of this boils down to the ears in which the music is penetrating. Music is one of the most powerful nostalgia triggers. It brings us back.

Listening to music for an extended period of time just gives you a deeper catalog to match the memories to the melodies. If you’ve listened to music all your life, you could hear a song and immediately get brought back to college, highschool, middle school, or anywhere in between. Maybe it’s the good stuff. Maybe it’s the not so good stuff. Music is youthful, as hearing songs from one’s past brings them back and puts them in those shoes for 3:30 (or however long or short the song is). 

Times change. Music that was once popular might start to become irrelevant. You change. Life is always changing lanes and taking the windy road, so as we age and mature some music might become tiresome or lose it’s polish it once had. Some songs will last the test of time and always have a fond spot in your heart. But overall, a lot will come and go like the tides. Change is good, and maybe you stumble upon a new genre that really takes to your liking. You will always remember the albums and songs you are most fond of, so expanding taste never hurt anybody. 

Taste is something completely different. This is maybe the biggest flaw of music. One style of music could be the key to one’s heart, while others might despise it. You could have friends that listen to some of your genres and others that don’t. Same goes with family members. For the most part, there are safe genres that are common ground for the parties involved. Sharing similar music tastes can really bring people together. Either in the form of listening to it together, going to concerts with each other, or talking about it with one another. Taste is the flavor of music. Everyone loves ice cream. 

As life goes by at a million miles an hour, it is nice to sit back and get thrown down memory lane. Whether it’s playing that album you loved front to back or hearing that one song that really brings you back to the exact date. The exact time. The exact place. You maybe would want to skip it immediately, if it glares back into a darker time. You maybe wish you could blast it as loud as possible and just go crazy. But most of the time we let it play. Just let it be and see what pops up next. 

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