Just a Moment, Please: PREFACE

On this crazy thing we call life, they say your net worth is your network. Not to get super cringy and online entrepreneur coach-like, but there couldn’t be a more truthful statement. You can get jobs based on connections. You get invited to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities based on connections. You can meet some of your closest friends based on prior connections. Some people even find the love of their life based on a human connection that has linked them together. Some people turn down large sums of money to work with someone they know for less or just trust a connection they already have more than the brinks truck filled with cash. In this world, connections are everything. It is an even wilder landscape than previously as well, since you can meet people online and chat via social platforms to make friendships and put together partnerships. 

Throughout life, you are in control of the connections and relationships you maintain. Being an open or closed book and how you carry yourself are either going to help or hinder your ongoing quest to kindle relationships. A great way to look at it is when you first meet someone give them a blank slate. Yes, this is incredibly tough. Humans tend to already judge people based on appearance, clothing, voice, demeanor, actions, etc. If you can look past all this and give someone a chance, you never know what can happen. Another great reason to do this is then in the future, this person will have a positive view about you. You always remember the people who are very inviting and give you the time of the day, especially in situations where you might feel uncomfortable. A simple conversation can blossom into beautiful roses.

Over the years of practicing this mindset, you’d be surprised at some of the relationships you might be able to curate. You may have stumbled upon a couple relationships with people of some “influence” or some people you knew previously because of their notoriety and now you can call them a friend. The world works in mysterious ways, and you never really know when you might run into someone incredibly interesting. All in all, no matter the status of the subject under the microscope, people all have different mindsets (something that is trying to be captured here). You should question and poke all your friends and new acquaintances, as some are incredibly intelligent, creative, a mix of both, or neither. But no matter who you chose to talk to, you should be able to walk away with some nugget of information. A gem one might call it. Everyone has a different outlook on life and the rat race, so keep your ears peeled.

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