Why and What to Read

Reading is incredibly underrated. 

Reading is one of the few activities people regularly practice that requires a clear line of focus. You and the book. No phone. No people talking to you. You have one task: read the lines and understand the meaning and assortment of words. 

Reading is one of the few ways to increase IQ, and reading also helps your communication skills. It can expand vocabulary, teach techniques, or just help you read emails faster. Reading is suggested to help you enter a deep sleep easier, and is a great way to turn off your brain and just follow along. Reading is really hard if your mind is all over the place. You have to kind of know when to read. 

The fact we are questioning why not start reading is wild. There’s a reason it has stuck around for so much longer than most hobbies or ways to pass time. It’s easy, all you need is writing. A book, a post, a magazine, anything. Pictures are allowed! But the words should be good enough to paint a picture. 

Why not read? I think that is the real question we have to ask. 

Now if you can make enough commitment to reading, there is a new challenge you are going to tackle. If you start reading, you are going to come across things that don’t quite interest you like others. When you start to read, read what is easiest to you. Books are easier or harder to read from person to person, and this goes from subject matter to writing style and so on. Nothing is harder than reading a bad book. Most of the time we just can it. But some will grind through it in hopes of greener pastures. 

Reading things that are harder to you might make it easier overall for any style. But when first starting to read, you have to stay in the lane that is most enjoyable. This is of utmost importance. Biographies are a great place to start. We all look up to people, and if they happen to have a biography it will most likely interest you. That along with people coupled in extreme instances or time periods can also be interesting reads. Outside of that, reading books that pertain to your interest or are completely fictitious but very enticing in their story or structure are good picks. Reading what you like is huge.

The more you read, the more styles you will begin to appreciate and also like to read will increase. You will eventually get tired of your bread and butter, and will be on the lookout for something spicier or sweeter. And then when you are tired of that, go back to your roots or expand to a different style. The possibilities are endless. The amount of literature in this world is infinite in a sense. You could never read it all. 

Maybe it’s not even a book. Online articles work. Cover stories published online work. Long form or short form reading all work. It is about enjoying the reading and doing it often rather than the medium in which it lives on. Read often and enjoy it. Sounds easy enough, right? 

If you are that busy, do it via audiobook. But your focus can be lost at times if you aren’t just holding it in your hands. 

Were you actually looking for recommendations? Here are 3 solid picks and a sentence about each to try to draw you in:

THE 7 SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS, DEPAK CHOPRA– This really makes you re-think things and can be very impactful, or just a quick and easy 110 page read.

SCAR TISSUE, ANTHONY KIEDIS– Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and the life of one of your favorite lead vocalist.

ON WRITING, STEPHEN KING– Stephen King is a very accomplished writer, and is this book he gives out tip and tricks for writing along with behind the scenes details around the writing of some of his most popular works.

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