Just A Moment, Please: QUINN MATTHEWS

(You should question and poke all your friends and new acquaintances, as some are incredibly intelligent, creative, a mix of both, or neither. But no matter who you chose to talk to, you should be able to walk away with some nugget of information. A gem one might call it. Everyone has a different outlook on life and the rat race, so keep your ears peeled.)

Quinn Matthews is an American photographer, filmmaker, and artist. That was stolen off the about section of his website (quinnmatthews.com). Quinn has never shied away from adventure or change. He is a highly celebrated surf photographer, working for What Youth when they were on the top. Landing covers and shooting land and water angles for all of your favorite surfers. The days on the road are some of Quinn’s favorite memories. Never afraid to switch it up, last year he took on the challenge of working on Broadway in the city that never sleeps. He is now able to tack on Video Director for the ever popular Westside Story tale. Quinn has proven that when you are good at what you do, you are good at what you do. The topic, subject, or environment doesn’t matter. If anything, the challenge and change is what makes it exciting to him. 


Describe your current situation (where are you, what are you up to, and your current mindset etc). [Can be one sentence or many] 

I’m posted up in Los Angeles now, recently got a warehouse for an art studio which has kept me more than busy getting set up. Initially, when COVID hit it was overwhelming with everything canceled, and negative news, but I feel like I’ve got some clarity through it all.  

Give me the soundtrack to your life currently (either what you are listening to or music that describes what you are doing). 

One of my best friends is a musician Shaboozey and we’ve been working hard on an album so that’s all I’ve heard. We are in the studio daily and often until like 4 or 5 in the morning, I’ve been learning a little bit of engineering and help how I can.  

But as far as something you can listen to now (before that album comes out this fall) there are a few artists I have on repeat in the studio: Bully -whenever I listen to her I have fun, Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guébrou for background when writing, Victor Pakpour has been helping me score an upcoming project and his band Ruby Haunt is great. Once I’ve listened to whatever new rap song or track I like for the week and it starts to get old I’ll put one of those three on who I could have on repeat for years.  

Who have you been spending most of your DAYS with during this unprecedented time?  

Myself, haha. I haven’t seen all that many people recently and don’t have any roommates. Probably the usual suspects of Ian Crane, Nick Green, Shaboozey, Layne Stratton, and the AVONNI Team.  

I had a lot of travel I was looking forward to which was unfortunately grounded. I’m trying to make it over to Australia as soon as I can to finish up a project with Woody Gooch that we’ve been working on since 2017. He’s been getting all the best fishing zones around Noosa dialed so we’re going to disappear for a minute from everything to chase fish and finalize our Haiti project.   

What is inspiring you the most right now? 

I think the most inspiring is the collective response to the bad events this year. Everything in culture is being looked at on a much larger scale of time and at what cost. It is mobilizing for a population, and as an individual, to see progress demanded across important issues like racial discrimination, human rights, equality, the climate, and more.   

The time for change is now -on a personal level too. Be your best version now and figure out what is important to you. Then realize that time moves really, really fast -don’t waste it.  

One daily activity you couldn’t go without. 

Flipping through an art/photo book in my library. It’s one of the first things I do in the morning before I start the day.  

Since now is a great time to be cooking something up, have you got anything in the oven (projects, work stuff, anything)?  

A couple of things! I directed a video coming out soon with my friends, skater Curren Caples and painter Connor Tingley, which we’ve been holding onto for a few years. Then when Woody Gooch and I link up eventually we are going to sequence our photo book and film from Haiti. Both of those projects have been in motion for the last three years and I am excited to get some new work out.  

Have you picked up a new hobby or revisited old ones during the quarantine? 

I’ve recently realized I no longer print out my photos to have for personal use like I used to. The last few days have been trying to dust off my printer and get it in working condition. I haven’t had any luck though, I’m about to drive it to a repair store to see if they can bring some life back into it. Wish me luck…  *update: the repair shop has gone out of business, so back to the drawing board. 

1 piece of advice for people during quarantine. 

I feel life is often overcomplicated now and I think the digital world has a lot to do with that. Find and focus on the people, the activities, and the issues, which are important to you. If you are honest with yourself and your time a lot of the other noise disappears.  

P.S. Prioritize your ambitions. Like I said earlier time is moving fast.  

1 thing everyone should do post-quarantine. 

Go to art openings, I miss them!  


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