Sweating is Your Friend

California was frying for a little bit. Yes, there are fires. Yes, there are 120 degree temperatures inland. It’s hot. Coastal homes typically have no AC, so if you happen to be blessed being close to the ocean, you are for sure paying it forward right now. Going to bed hot is terrible. Working from home excitement is at an all time low, as most work spaces have Mr. Cool pumping throughout the buildings, keeping it extra chilly. But with how hot it’s been, you might be wondering how someone could say sweating is your friend and the one you need to hang out with more.  

You will probably see this idea on a ton of posts whether intentionally or not, but trying to cram a sweat in on most days of your life will definitely increase your inner peace and make you just feel a lot better 9/10 times. And unfortunately, sweating from being inside your house isn’t exactly the kind of sweating that is being referenced. Getting moving and cracking a sweat is essential. This was referenced in a previous post about how to stay sane during quarantine. To quote it directly: “When you sweat and really push it, you get that fuzzy feeling that is similar to euphoria, but maybe without the intense thinking or illicit substances. A sense of pride for working out even when you didn’t want to also makes you feel good and that you did something productive that day.” A sense of pride, potentially a payout of abs, or being happier with the way you feel? Why wouldn’t you sign up?

Sweating when you least want to is when it really feels the best. A principal hangover cure is getting moving and shaking off the alcohol. It is really hard to get started, but when you finish you will most likely feel A). less hungover than when you started or B). still be feeling quite bad, but at least can say you did something on a Sunday mostly spent on the couch. One cheat code to this is doing an activity that is a little less taxing but it is hot out or the environment lends to staying cool and you work up a sweat. 

Sweating in a sauna is awesome. While harder to find and definitely not most peoples go to, the fuzzy feeling you get after sitting in a room north of 150 degrees is such a unique feeling. Be careful, you don’t want to pass out from the quick change and get up. Obviously you don’t want to overdo it and potentially harm yourself by staying in too long, but jumping out of the sauna and into regular temperatures gives you so much energy and enlightenment. Refreshing.

Just because you need to sweat, doesn’t mean you need to stay out of the ocean. Go for a long swim or a surf. Hit a little beach run and then cool off in some water. Go get a quick tan in. The sun (while it can fry you if you aren’t careful) always feels so good on your body if it’s been a little while or you maybe have been inside a little too much lately. It will help you crack a sweat, or at least rinse off your previous sweat. 

Something about breaking a sweat feels good. And while some maybe think it’s a fair weather game, you can sweat anywhere. Being in cold temperatures and warming your body with movement honestly feels more refreshing than when it is already hot. Layer up to make sure you get cooking. No matter how you slice it, get a sweat in. Call up a buddy and feel the comfort of a companion. Or just put your head down and get it over with. There’s so many different ways to do it. Keep it exciting or have it regimented down to time and days. Just do it. 

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