Everyday habits sculpt the life you live. Positive, negative or neutral, what you get in the ritual of doing daily can shape what goes on overtime and even thay day. You’ve probably heard most of the “good habits” and “bad habits” one can do in a day. The thing is, everyone is different and needs different things, daily. And some get a different outcome from some of the same practices. 

So here’s a quick pitch of a habit that will change your day to day: rising with the sun. At first, this might sound awful. Why wake up as early as 5:30 in the summer? Well, you don’t have to rise exactly the same time as the sun. But waking up to natural light coming through your windows is what is being honed in on. Something about waking up to something as warming as the big bright sun in the sky feels special. And that’s not the only positive that comes out of this habit.

Waking up with the sun lets you maximize your activities you like to do while the sun is up. Sure, if you are a night owl this doesn’t mean much to you. But having as much time with the sun being up opens up a lot of possibilities for activity outside of work or your daily duties. On Top of this, you are avoiding sleeping in and gaining the hours you might have missed getting that extra hour or two or three of sleep. If you happen to be a night owl and still want to stay up late, maybe hit a quick nap mid day or wake up slightly earlier than normal.

Don’t get it twisted: if this compromises you getting 6-8 hours of sleep, keep doing you. It’s not uncommon for some to stay up later and need to catch up on sleep. Keeping 6-8 hours of sleep a night is essential. Some people work so much better at night, whether from a work or creative standpoint. The health benefits of good sleep are immeasurable in comparison to doing X in a day or waking up at Y with the sun. If you come alive in the night time, run that. Some of the most creative people prefer night time to hone in on their art.

Bringing it back to waking up with the sun: that early light when the sun isn’t completely in the sky but the world is illuminated is one of the fuzziest feelings you can get. It makes coffee taste even better. It’s similar to a sunset, but with a lot less of the commotion because most are still snoozing. Pairing the early wakeup with an above average cup of coffee also yields amazing results. The fuzzy lighting mixed with a tasty warm beverage can get you inspired to do anything. 

Give it a go. Sleep with the blinds up. Use nature’s alarm rather than the one on your phone (but make sure to have the phone alarm as the backup in case you sleep through). It can’t hurt to try. Who knows, maybe you will become more of a morning person than you believed you were. People are almost afraid to get up early because for some, it is as foreign as a far away country. Get something done you like to do after work before work. Whether it’s a workout, a passion project, or your passion. Clock in on something you love before you clock in behind the desk. Keep going until work calls you to the office. 

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