As humans grow older, more and more of a routine is established into your life. Things you do before work, then work, then whatever you can do after work. When you are younger, weekends offer endless possibilities. But as you grow older, it seems more and more taxing to do things that require more and more effort. This isn’t always true- sometimes you find the inspiration for a weekend getaway or a way to celebrate two days off starkly different than your normal weekend shenanigans. But weekends typically offer similar activities as the last. This is neither good nor bad. As you grow older, you hone in on what you like and what works for you. Be wary not to get too stuck in a rut. But it is nice to have some familiarity in your weekend plan. 

Another strange thing that comes with older age for some is an inspiration to learn. Most people would agree the years after their schooling they feel they could perform much better or take much more out of academics than their younger 21 year old self. As you get older, a quest for knowledge becomes realistic. Things that you choose you want to learn about. You need to stay curious. We live in an ever changing world that has twist and turns down whatever road you choose to follow. While you may get stuck in routine and monotony, at least give your noggin some liberty to explore and take in new information. No one knows it all, and no one ever will know it all. The brain is so powerful we need to exercise it and also challenge it no matter what age we find ourselves at.

Keep learning! Whether it is something you do with your hands or from reading a book. You can take away things from both fiction and non-ficiton. Learning from experience might be the most powerful, but also offers up the most effort to achieve. If we can’t go somewhere and learn about it: pick up a book and read about it. You’d be surprised by all the things you could learn form your surroundings no matter where you are. Go out and walk around a part of town you aren’t as familiar with. Go get a coffee from somewhere new. Go to a remote, secluded beach and see what you find crashing onto the shore. Try and learn something your friends or roommates do. You can take away so much just from the people you surround yourself with everyday. Both young and old. 

Share what you learned with others. Whether via your friend circles, people you live with, relatives, or even the anonymous. Knowledge is power, so why wouldn’t you want to share it? You may have chosen the topic you honed in on based on a conversation with a friend or someone else passing along their knowledge to you. Sure, it is a lot better to make sure your audience is at least interested in what you are saying (is there anyone out there reading this?) but say it nonetheless. Listening ears are the best, but all ears can listen. You never know who you could inspire, or the response from whom you are speaking to inspire you. 

Once you’ve taken in new understandings or lessons from your learnings, start to apply them. Apply them to your everyday activities. Apply them to work. Apply them to your mindset or the mindset of others. Try to share and spread the knowledge in the most positive and inviting way possible. While this passage might have ran around in circles and been incredibly vague the whole time-that is the point. There is so much on the table in which you can pick to feed your mind with. With the power of books and an even more powerful internet browser (even in phone form), an endless fountain of knowledge is at your fingertips. It is up to you to tap into it and decide when and where you want to take a sip from. In times when we long for routine and predictability in our lives, make sure to keep the curiosity going and try new things. While work and other responsibilities could tie you down physically, there is always a mental adventure waiting to be taken.

Your mind is meant to be expanded. 

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