Earlier in the year, we had agreed that reading was kind of a no brainer.

Why not read? When you go to bed at night, it’s best to have a non-digital nightcap to end the night. Wind down that stressed and over-stimulated brain. While you can journal, draw, or do any sort of analog practice, it seems like reading would be the best option. You could learn a thing or two. And let’s be honest: there is a book out there for everyone. Like in the previous post, the easiest place to start is learning about people of interest. Biographies are easily digestible, and there has to be a couple of people you wish to learn more about. Plus, if they are self-written, you can learn the most about the character in question from these biographies. You might even read the book in the voice of the icon that wrote it (ie any Anthony Bourdain book).

But what else can you take away from reading? For one, you can form a good habit and practice a habit. Reading before bed does all of the above, and if you keep up with it this will most likely become your before-bed ritual. A good habit to make, soon enough you’ll be reading without even thinking about. And just like that, you engrained a new positive habit into your life. Would you look at that? Now take that practice and apply it to working out, cooking more, working harder, and any other thing that had seemed daunting. Just start doing it. The scariest part of a habit is starting it.

Another idea piggy-backing off of the last one is consistency and starting what you finished. To keep up with the storyline or idea the book presents, you are going to want to try and read it start to finish as well as consistently. Only after a couple of days sans reading and you might lose the storyline or the idea the book was trying to construct as a whole. This doesn’t apply to some, but certainly applies to most. Getting through a dry or boring book can definitely be a chore-but so can so many other things and life. And although you can put the book down, some things you will be served in life can’t avoid as easily. Applying this consistency and “finish the job attitude” can pay dividends in many aspects of life.

To circle back to the main idea: let’s read. There is something special about enacting the same practice that your parents and your parents parents also did in their spare time. In 2021, it almost seems like books and reading might become obsolete with technology still booming and analog practices seeming somewhat archaic to most growing up currently. Let’s try and keep reading alive. Something tells me it won’t disappear. But there is something romantic about turning pages late at night. 


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