With the start of a new year, we typically clean the slate of 2020 after wrapping up the year. Who will achieve greatness and propel themselves to the spotlight this year? In all fields, there are always clear winners and losers depending on the year. While 2020 was definitely a quiet one, surfers looked to their sport as one of the few things left that they were able to do under the lockdown (depending on where you live). The ocean helped many stay sane, and most professional surfers used their time off from traveling and contest to enjoy home and hone their craft. Entering 2021, it is unsure what the state of affairs will be for the world, but all you need to do is log onto Instagram to witness the highest level of surfing. Here are 5 fellas you should keep your eye on in 2021 and give that follow to for quality clip content.

Jai Glinderman surfs like he’s in the 90s-2000s but with the 2020 advancements in surfboard shapes and modern flair. While you might not see him try to rotate or launch above the lip often, his lines he draws on longer boards is something like a breath of fresh air from a younger surfer. One thing to watch when you see him surf is his arm positioning and overall in-between movements. The way in which he makes minor adjustments on a wave is something poetic in nature. And to the hands and arms. See how he can easily grab or touch his rail mid turn and then let go. Next-level control.

Ethan Ewing was on tour in 2017 and that is when he first made his entrance into the surf media spotlight. Core surf fans had seen glimpses of his ability thanks to Stab, but this was when he would first start his ever growing presence in the surf world. In 2020 with cooking waves at home, it seems like everyone was tapped into how good Ethan surfs. No stranger to north shore power and gutless beach break, Ethan draws silky smooth lines in shit waves and proper waves alike. 

You’d have  to be living under a rock to not see the highlight reel surfing JJF puts out in a year. Just like any other year, John is clearly at the forefront of surfing. If the WSL continued competition for 2021, he would be in first place. While it was quiet for the first half of the year because the north shore was still snoozing, when the waves came home to John he did not hold back. His elite level of surfing paired with his shaper of two decades Jon Pyzel enables John to push the envelope of both performance and equipment.

Ryan Huckabee just hucks. While the majority of the surfing world cannot boost airs, there is something rather mesmerizing about someone flailing about in the air performing rotations or massive punts. Ryan has been getting some love from surf media and puts out a ton of clips thanks to consistent Florida surf. Definitely a force to be reckoned with at 16.

Crosby Colapinto might become a better surfer than his brother. He’s got A TON of work to do, as if you’ve been seeing how Griffin has been surfing you’d think that’s a crazy prediction. But with a bigger frame and smoother rail game, Crosby is as close to a complete package surfer as we can get for his age. He doesn’t slack in the air or in the orbs either, so we can count on seeing him on the CT with brother Griffin sooner than later.

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