Who would have guessed that in 2021 our fingers would sometimes get the most exercise in a day out of all parts of the body. Typing, texting, scrolling, and pretty much every type of button-pushing comes from the digits attached to our hands, and it seems more and more unrealistic to see a day whereContinue reading “FINDING ANALOG JOYS IN A DIGITAL LIFE”


With the start of a new year, we typically clean the slate of 2020 after wrapping up the year. Who will achieve greatness and propel themselves to the spotlight this year? In all fields, there are always clear winners and losers depending on the year. While 2020 was definitely a quiet one, surfers looked toContinue reading “5 SURFERS TO WATCH IN 2021”


Earlier in the year, we had agreed that reading was kind of a no brainer. Why not read? When you go to bed at night, it’s best to have a non-digital nightcap to end the night. Wind down that stressed and over-stimulated brain. While you can journal, draw, or do any sort of analog practice,Continue reading “2021 BOOK CLUB”

Don’t Cling To Something Non-static

Everybody finds their inner peace and joy from certain things. When all has gone wrong, we can depend on this activity or thing to bring us happiness when we need it most. It seemed like in 2020 people needed this more than ever. Like stated in the idea above, there are two different types ofContinue reading “Don’t Cling To Something Non-static”


 Surfing gutless waves is no easy task. Everywhere in the world has their off days, and more times than not you might be taking a plunge into the ocean to surf waves much smaller than you would like. Obviously, it’s all subjective to where you live. A small day on the East Coast vs WestContinue reading “HOW TO SURF CHEST HIGH WAVES”


THINK AND WONDER, WONDER AND THINK. DR. SEUSS As humans grow older, more and more of a routine is established into your life. Things you do before work, then work, then whatever you can do after work. When you are younger, weekends offer endless possibilities. But as you grow older, it seems more and moreContinue reading “STAY CURIOUS, KEEP LEARNING”


Everyday habits sculpt the life you live. Positive, negative or neutral, what you get in the ritual of doing daily can shape what goes on overtime and even thay day. You’ve probably heard most of the “good habits” and “bad habits” one can do in a day. The thing is, everyone is different and needsContinue reading “RISING WITH THE SUN”

Blasts From The Past

As you grow older, it always is a crazy journey to look back and see some of the things you have done or been drawn to all throughout your youth. Taking one of those trips down memory lane is always a slippery slope. You can look back and just think “what was I thinking” orContinue reading “Blasts From The Past”

Sweating is Your Friend

California was frying for a little bit. Yes, there are fires. Yes, there are 120 degree temperatures inland. It’s hot. Coastal homes typically have no AC, so if you happen to be blessed being close to the ocean, you are for sure paying it forward right now. Going to bed hot is terrible. Working fromContinue reading “Sweating is Your Friend”