Don’t Cling To Something Non-static

Everybody finds their inner peace and joy from certain things. When all has gone wrong, we can depend on this activity or thing to bring us happiness when we need it most. It seemed like in 2020 people needed this more than ever. Like stated in the idea above, there are two different types ofContinue reading “Don’t Cling To Something Non-static”


THINK AND WONDER, WONDER AND THINK. DR. SEUSS As humans grow older, more and more of a routine is established into your life. Things you do before work, then work, then whatever you can do after work. When you are younger, weekends offer endless possibilities. But as you grow older, it seems more and moreContinue reading “STAY CURIOUS, KEEP LEARNING”

Just A Moment, Please: QUINN MATTHEWS

(You should question and poke all your friends and new acquaintances, as some are incredibly intelligent, creative, a mix of both, or neither. But no matter who you chose to talk to, you should be able to walk away with some nugget of information. A gem one might call it. Everyone has a different outlookContinue reading “Just A Moment, Please: QUINN MATTHEWS”

Thinking Through Alternative Shapes

Doesn’t this image kind of make your head hurt? To keep something fresh, sometimes changes need to be made. Mindset, environment, etc. The list goes on and on. Some people might fear change. This is definitely a problem, considering no man or woman has achieved greatness by staying stagnant or true to their routine forContinue reading “Thinking Through Alternative Shapes”

Just a Moment, Please: PREFACE

On this crazy thing we call life, they say your net worth is your network. Not to get super cringy and online entrepreneur coach-like, but there couldn’t be a more truthful statement. You can get jobs based on connections. You get invited to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities based on connections. You can meet some of your closestContinue reading “Just a Moment, Please: PREFACE”