Don’t Cling To Something Non-static

Everybody finds their inner peace and joy from certain things. When all has gone wrong, we can depend on this activity or thing to bring us happiness when we need it most. It seemed like in 2020 people needed this more than ever. Like stated in the idea above, there are two different types ofContinue reading “Don’t Cling To Something Non-static”

Blasts From The Past

As you grow older, it always is a crazy journey to look back and see some of the things you have done or been drawn to all throughout your youth. Taking one of those trips down memory lane is always a slippery slope. You can look back and just think “what was I thinking” orContinue reading “Blasts From The Past”

Sweating is Your Friend

California was frying for a little bit. Yes, there are fires. Yes, there are 120 degree temperatures inland. It’s hot. Coastal homes typically have no AC, so if you happen to be blessed being close to the ocean, you are for sure paying it forward right now. Going to bed hot is terrible. Working fromContinue reading “Sweating is Your Friend”

Getting Out There vol.1

Sometimes it’s just not there. We all have things we love to do. But much like week old groceries, things can always end up going stale. No matter how well you sealed them or how much you enjoy them. There are so many outside factors to determine if things have gone stale or not, andContinue reading “Getting Out There vol.1”